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 The Unlimited Marketplace:
Auctions  allow the public to experience the same type of excitement that is  found on the floor of the commodities exchange. After the fervor of the  event, sellers know their merchandise sold at prices truly  representative of market value, and buyers walk away knowing they paid  an amount only one bid higher than what someone else was willing to pay.  Everyone wins at an auction. The auction is not a new marketing method.  The first English reference is found in the 1589 Oxford English  Dictionary. Evidence records auction activity as early as 500 B.C. and  during the Roman Empire. Although auctions are fun, the reason they have  been successful for thousands of years is that they work. It's hard to  imagine anything today that cannot be sold at auction. The traditional  auction merchandise that immediately comes to mind is expanding to  include new types of commodities. Real estate, automobiles, personal  property and estates previously overlooked are all a part of today's  auction industry.
The Seller's Marketplace:
Converting  property, possessions or inventory to cash quickly is a major benefit  of the Auction Method of Marketing, but sellers also want to be assured  they will get a fair market value. That's why an auction is the best  tool to meet that goal. No less important is the flexibility of the  auction method. The customer decides when and what to sell. Well-trained  auctioneers use established and successful procedures to ensure maximum  benefits for the seller. Before the auction takes place, the auctioneer  meets with potential seller to see what is to be auctioned and explain  the services available. During this meeting, the auctioneer will ask  questions to determine the seller's expectations.  The auctioneer takes  great care to make sure the auction conforms with public license  requirements, meets the legal requirements of governing bodies as to  sale & use as well as meeting the needs of the seller.
The Buyer's Marketplace:
Auctions  are an excellent marketplace. Buyers actually determine the final price  and market value of the items purchased. For first-time buyers, an  auction may appear to be a confusion of people and merchandise, but once  they become familiar with procedures, they realize it's more like a  well-rehearsed symphony. Buyersare provided all the information needed  to become informed bidders and realize the auction market sets a fair  and reasonable price for property. During the auction, auctioneers stand  where they can be easily seen and often use a public address system. As  increasing bids are received, the auctioneer's rhythmic chant becomes a  series of prices. Filler words are used to maintain a pleasant flow to  the chant. Information about auctions can be found in newspapers, sales  bills, brochures, etc., as well as the Internet.
Auctions - The Ultimate Marketplace !!!! 

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